Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution and representment

Dispute Resolution & Representment

Chargeback representment provides a mechanism for the merchant to present evidence, possibly proving that a chargeback is unwarranted. A successful chargeback reversal normally results in recapturing the amount taken from the merchant account. Representment should be undertaken with meticulous attention to detail.

Representment requires merchants to gather additional information, documents, and evidence proving the disputed transaction was legitimate or that a chargeback is not appropriate. Evidence may include signed delivery receipts, proof the customer provided the appropriate Card Security Code (CVV2), the fact that billing and/or shipping addresses match the AVS file, or other evidence depending on the type of chargeback. Without professional assistance, assembling a properly documented representment response can be a daunting task for small businesses with limited personnel and resources.

In most cases, an issuer will reverse a chargeback and the merchant will be refunded if: (1) sufficient evidence is provided, (2) the response is transmitted in the correct format, and (3) the response was submitted within the appropriate time limits. Dispute resolution is a core focus of Chargeback AdvocacySM. Our specialists work closely with the merchant to assemble an effective response. Together, they decide which chargebacks merit dispute, based on associated financial considerations (every chargeback and each dispute are subject to additional fees) and the strength of the merchant’s rebuttal.