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Welcome to the Business Risk Mitigation Program

Bankers Insurance Group is pleased to make this comprehensive business solution available to our commercial policyholders. Please take a few moments to browse this website; all of the services are provided at no cost. You should also know that the Identity TouchPoint Services extend to your immediate family and that your unlimited use of this program does not constitute a claim and will not affect your future premiums.

We realize that most businesses have traditionally confronted the risk of fraud through internal protocols and business procedures. Most businesses routinely address fraudulent transactions, employee theft, customer chargebacks, and check fraud. Unfortunately, the risk of fraud has become more pervasive and complex – it is the crime of the Twenty First Century. Newer, more sophisticated types of fraud are spreading; issues that are potentially more damaging than traditional business crimes. Solutions to such challenges are best resolved with the assistance of experienced fraud specialists. Within this program you will discover effective solutions for:

  • Database or information breach response
  • Manager and staff training addressing Best Practice fraud protocols
  • Resolution of identity fraud afflicting officers, directors and employees (and their immediate family members)
  • Avoiding future identity-related fraud